Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gifts for the Caregiver

Last month I wrote a post about caregivers as November was National Caregivers Month. I used a quote by Rosalynn Carter, who believed pretty much everyone at some point in their lives is touched by a caregiver:

"There are four kinds of people in this world: those who have been caregivers, those who currently are caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers."
Although that was just a few weeks ago, at the time I had no idea I would soon be faced with becoming a caregiver.  Just days later, my mother-in-law took a bad fall, requiring hip surgery, and at 83 years old, it has taken quite a toll.  She will be coming to live with us at the end of this week. 

We had wonderful caregivers for my parents in past years, so it should also be said that caregivers can touch our lives at various times throughout.

With caregivers heavily on my mind, I wanted to encourage everyone to remember any caregivers currently in your life.  Christmas is a wonderful time to honor them, and give them the most treasured gift of time and care for themselves.

If you are thinking of a gift for a caregiver, consider something that encourages them to refresh, renew and take care of themselves, even if just for an hour of a day.

These are some of my special gifts available for caregivers:

Christmas Spa Gift Basket
Our Christmas Spa Gift Basket features Do Not Disturb bath and body products, packaged in elegant holiday silver and purple.
Good Fortune Gift for Men
For the male caregiver, this all natural spa collection also gives back, and comes packaged in a stylish toiletry bag.

This Pamper Me gift collection is also made with all natural bath and body products from France.  Both of the candles in the men's and women's spa gift are handmade soy from Green Daffodil in Michigan.  This women's version also comes packaged in a stylish cosmetic bag.

This deluxe spa gift basket, which we call Indulge and Inspire, is a lovely collection of spa and home products, including bath and body from Homespun Naturals, a relaxing instrumental CD, and an inspiring framed quote from Kindred Hearts.  There are other spa delights in this basket as well.  Read the complete description.

Have a happy day!


Monday, December 3, 2012

6 Top Gift Ideas for Men

I've been having a virtual disagreement with some folks about what men appreciate receiving as a gift.  They say a basket full of beer, pretzels and mini chocolate footballs are all the rage.  Really?

I asked my husband, Ken, to weigh in on the discussion, and although beer, pretzels, and chocolates are considered a staple in our kitchen; as gifts go, he felt these items are much too ordinary to be given as a gift.  The idea of receiving something innovative, or something he wouldn't think to buy for himself is much more appealing.

I've actually known this about him for quite awhile, with all of our planning around what to include in our gift collections for men.  So with 21 days remaining until Christmas, if you're stumped for what to get the man in your life, here are our top picks.  Some versions you can find in our store; others are just great ideas to help you finalize your shopping list!

1.    Man Bag – I bought a great Tumi bag for Ken last Christmas and he loves it. Men hate bulky pockets, and with today’s use of mobile devices, sunglasses, flash drives, in addition to money, IDs and credit cards, pockets are no longer sufficient for holding all of his stuff! There are many great stylish bags for men out there, and although he may never ask for one, if he gets one, he will love it, brag to his friends about it, and never leave home without it.

2.     Bath and body products for men – It’s the new age of soap on a rope! He may not seek out specialty shave cream, or pay a premium for skin lotion, but once he tries it, he’ll be hooked (and so will you).

3.     Candles – Candles come in so many fragrances, and masculine style fragrances are becoming more and more prominent.  Fresh cut grass, the scent of a campfire, and worn leather are just some examples of new fragrances for men. 
4.      Something inspirational – Whether for home or office, a framed inspirational quote or picture will keep him reminded of what's important in life.  Find something that moves him – inspiring words, values or a wonder of nature will lift his spirit. 

5.     Hobby gifts – Whether he loves travel, music, or the great outdoors, look for gifts related to his passion.  A coffee table book, a DVD series, an unusual styled map or globe would be unique and something he is not likely to buy for himself. 

6.     Food – Rather than those staple foods mentioned above, if you like the idea of a food gift, choose a few of his favorite foods and make a special meal.  If you’re not a cook, get take-out and set it up like a home cooked meal! Prepare the table for a special occasion with a table cloth or elegant place mats.  Use cloth napkins with napkin rings to dress it up. Your attention to detail will not go unnoticed.
For unique gift ideas for men, you might consider one of our collections, such as those pictured here.

Whatever you choose for the man in your life, whether husband, boyfriend, brother, or buddy, don't be ordinary.  Make it something that will pleasantly surprise him.

Have a happy day!