Monday, February 25, 2013

Finding Your Quiet Time

February 25, 2013 is Quiet Day.  How do you find your quiet time?

As a designer, business owner, and caregiver, my time is very much always occupied!  When I heard that today is Quiet Day, I thought:  Now there's something to consider!  Regardless of your occupation, family life, special interests, and hobbies, everyone needs to find their own quiet time to relax, unwind, reflect, and renew.

The photo in this post is from a ski trip we took to Minocqua, WI last winter.  Walking or skiing in the snow-filled woods is one of my favorite ways to find quiet time.  It brings such a sense of peace, that I truly do renew my spirit in those times.  This year, we are home bound, while caring for my mother-in-law so quiet time in the woods will be saved for some time in the future. 

As a business owner, much of my work tends to fall on all things non-design.  That is, marketing, bookkeeping, networking, etc.  As a designer, I find my greatest joy in creating.  So during this Quiet Day, I'll spend time in my studio, away from the books, and enjoy artistic freedom.  That will refresh and quiet my spirit.

How will you find your quiet time?

Have a happy day!

Monday, February 18, 2013

When it comes to Unique Gift Baskets, we choose Quality

I am often asked how I decide what goes into our custom gift baskets.  Well, I have to say it's not always easy to decide as there are many wonderful gift products on the market.  When considering products, my most important criteria are quality, value, and how well the products fit with the theme.  I only choose products that I would give to my own family and friends.

When looking at a completed gift basket, it can be hard to get a clear view of each individual item in the container.  Since every item in my baskets is of high value, I like to paint a very clear picture.  With that in mind, I thought I'd dedicate a post to highlight some of my favorite products!

Statement soaps from Kalastyle - This Joy soap is included in our Especially for Her gift basket.  These bar soaps are beautiful, inspiring and theme oriented - perfect for a gift basket.  They also smell amazing and do wonders for your skin!

Jennifer Jangles jewelry -  This Happy bracelet comes in our Color Her Happy gift basket and is matched with a beaded necklace and other colorful and whimsical gifts for your favorite gal!

Mary Meyer baby products - For our ever popular baby gift baskets, one of my favorite, and baby's favorite, is this unique pacifier, the Wubanub, by Mary Meyer.  We have several different styles for baby boys and girls.  This is an absolute treasure!


Good Fortune soaps and body products - an absolute fave!  These products are very much unisex, although we currently market this sandalwood lavender soap in our Good Fortune Gift for Men.  I love Good Fortune for their social mission,
eco-friendly methods, and just the wonders of their products!
Being selective with our custom gift basket products is an art that we just love and will never give up!
Have a happy day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

In Support of a Heart Healthy Month

We're excited to support the American Heart Association during the month of February!  This month we are donating $1 to the AHA for every new subscriber to our mailing list. New subscribers will also receive 10% off their next purchase!  If you haven't already joined, please go to our
custom gift basket home page and sign up for our newsletter!

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the #1 killer in women.  Yet most women don't recognize the risk.  To learn more about causes and prevention of heart disease go to the AHA website.  There you'll also find some great tips on diet and exercise, and some wonderful recipes for delicious hearty healthy meals!

Have a happy and heart healthy day!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thoughtful Presence Gift Baskets in Chicago - Where We Live

Gift basket companies come in many shapes and sizes, but one common aspect is most do not have a storefront.  When was the last time you walked through your local downtown and saw a gift basket store?  Nada, right?  Yes, some florists and wine shops display gift baskets, and an occasional baby gift basket can be found at a local gift or baby shop, but not a single storefront dedicated to gift baskets. 

So how do you know where those gift baskets you find online are being designed and created?  Many are assembled and stored in a large warehouse where they are drop-shipped to any number of smaller companies selling the same products.  Some are designed and created in homes and studios and sold either through direct marketing or online. 

At Thoughtful Presence, we fall under the latter category, with the added benefit that all of our gift baskets are custom made to order and not stored on shelves for months or years waiting to be sold.  You order it, we make and ship it within a day or two.  The importance of having all of our gift baskets prepared fresh when you order is one of our core concepts.

Even though we don't have a storefront to welcome you, we want you to feel the comfort of knowing where your gift basket is coming from.  So in the photos below, we give you our studio and hope you enjoy a look around.

Have a happy day!

These are the before photos. The original space was dark and dreary,
and we remodeled it just about a year ago!

These are the after photos.  That's Ken in the first photo, and although this wasn't actually a DIY remodel job, he likes to pretend!  That's me with Cody on the right. 

And a much brighter studio for creative designing!
These are typical photos of works in progress:

Friday, February 1, 2013

Custom Gift Baskets in support of the American Heart Association

Not only do we love red for Valentine's Day, but this month we are going red for the American Heart Association in support of healthy hearts everywhere!

Today is National Wear Red Day and we're kicking off a month long celebration to support the AHA.  Beginning today through February 28th, we're donating $1 to the AHA for every new subscriber to our mailing list.  New subscribers will also receive 10% off their next purchase!

As if that's not reason enough to love red, check these out:

Red travel wallet by Jimeale -
super cute and comes in our
Women's Travel Gift Basket.

Gabriel John health candles for men -
Okay, the candle's not red;
it's a very sophisticated black and white,
but we'll add a romantic red heart ribbon
 and include it in one of our

Braided fabric baskets and bowls
handmade in South Carolina -
the perfect container for our
Kitchen Comforts new home gift!

Oballs by Mary Meyer are included in some of
our favorite baby gift baskets
A favorite of babies everywhere!

If you're not already on our mailing list, go to our home page and sign up.  It will do your heart good!

Have a happy day!