Monday, February 25, 2013

Finding Your Quiet Time

February 25, 2013 is Quiet Day.  How do you find your quiet time?

As a designer, business owner, and caregiver, my time is very much always occupied!  When I heard that today is Quiet Day, I thought:  Now there's something to consider!  Regardless of your occupation, family life, special interests, and hobbies, everyone needs to find their own quiet time to relax, unwind, reflect, and renew.

The photo in this post is from a ski trip we took to Minocqua, WI last winter.  Walking or skiing in the snow-filled woods is one of my favorite ways to find quiet time.  It brings such a sense of peace, that I truly do renew my spirit in those times.  This year, we are home bound, while caring for my mother-in-law so quiet time in the woods will be saved for some time in the future. 

As a business owner, much of my work tends to fall on all things non-design.  That is, marketing, bookkeeping, networking, etc.  As a designer, I find my greatest joy in creating.  So during this Quiet Day, I'll spend time in my studio, away from the books, and enjoy artistic freedom.  That will refresh and quiet my spirit.

How will you find your quiet time?

Have a happy day!

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