Monday, February 18, 2013

When it comes to Unique Gift Baskets, we choose Quality

I am often asked how I decide what goes into our custom gift baskets.  Well, I have to say it's not always easy to decide as there are many wonderful gift products on the market.  When considering products, my most important criteria are quality, value, and how well the products fit with the theme.  I only choose products that I would give to my own family and friends.

When looking at a completed gift basket, it can be hard to get a clear view of each individual item in the container.  Since every item in my baskets is of high value, I like to paint a very clear picture.  With that in mind, I thought I'd dedicate a post to highlight some of my favorite products!

Statement soaps from Kalastyle - This Joy soap is included in our Especially for Her gift basket.  These bar soaps are beautiful, inspiring and theme oriented - perfect for a gift basket.  They also smell amazing and do wonders for your skin!

Jennifer Jangles jewelry -  This Happy bracelet comes in our Color Her Happy gift basket and is matched with a beaded necklace and other colorful and whimsical gifts for your favorite gal!

Mary Meyer baby products - For our ever popular baby gift baskets, one of my favorite, and baby's favorite, is this unique pacifier, the Wubanub, by Mary Meyer.  We have several different styles for baby boys and girls.  This is an absolute treasure!


Good Fortune soaps and body products - an absolute fave!  These products are very much unisex, although we currently market this sandalwood lavender soap in our Good Fortune Gift for Men.  I love Good Fortune for their social mission,
eco-friendly methods, and just the wonders of their products!
Being selective with our custom gift basket products is an art that we just love and will never give up!
Have a happy day!

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