Friday, February 1, 2013

Custom Gift Baskets in support of the American Heart Association

Not only do we love red for Valentine's Day, but this month we are going red for the American Heart Association in support of healthy hearts everywhere!

Today is National Wear Red Day and we're kicking off a month long celebration to support the AHA.  Beginning today through February 28th, we're donating $1 to the AHA for every new subscriber to our mailing list.  New subscribers will also receive 10% off their next purchase!

As if that's not reason enough to love red, check these out:

Red travel wallet by Jimeale -
super cute and comes in our
Women's Travel Gift Basket.

Gabriel John health candles for men -
Okay, the candle's not red;
it's a very sophisticated black and white,
but we'll add a romantic red heart ribbon
 and include it in one of our

Braided fabric baskets and bowls
handmade in South Carolina -
the perfect container for our
Kitchen Comforts new home gift!

Oballs by Mary Meyer are included in some of
our favorite baby gift baskets
A favorite of babies everywhere!

If you're not already on our mailing list, go to our home page and sign up.  It will do your heart good!

Have a happy day!

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