Friday, August 10, 2012

Custom Gift Baskets - It's All About Style

One of the reasons I started a custom gift basket company is for the element of creativity.  I have been an artist and crafter all my life and was very drawn to the design element of gift baskets.  The surprise and delight is found both in the wonderful gifts found inside the basket, and in the beautiful presentation in the final design and wrapping of the gift.

The creative possibilities are endless, and most of my designs evolve as I work through creating the gift basket.  Nothing makes me happier than my studio filled with all colors of ribbon, tissue, shred, and a variety of embellishments or trinkets that contribute to the final design.  I may start with a design in my head or on paper, but it will evolve into its own design as I am creating it (the secret of all good artists).  That is why all of my gift baskets are one of a kind.  It's also why I am able to make customized gift baskets.  That is when a customer either gives me an idea or chooses a gift from my website and asks for it to be customized to better match the unique personality or interests of their recipient.  More on this in my next post.

The element of surprise is what gifts are all about, and with gift baskets, you get it twice.  The first surprise comes with seeing the beautiful presentation of a gift put together with care and style.  The second surprise comes when it is opened and you find it filled with so many unexpected treasures.  Love it!

Have a happy day!

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  1. It's great to have a choice in gift baskets that offer more gifts than the typical pasta, wine,chocolate!


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