Friday, November 16, 2012

Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas

What's your idea of the perfect hostess gift?

Do you do a simple bottle of wine on the way to the party? Do you go the extra mile and buy something geared specifically to your host's interests?  Do you bring a homemade gift? Do you plan in advance or run out last minute?

Unfortunately, it's often easy to overlook the well thought-out hostess gift. Though well intentioned, the holiday season is a busy one, and we often end up at the last minute wildly searching for something unique, but winding up settling for something less. 

I am writing this as your reminder to think ahead and plan for a few hostess gifts to have on hand for those holiday parties.  Hostess gifts can come in many shapes and sizes, but rather than simply stopping by the market for a bottle of wine on your way to the party, purchase a few nice gifts in advance and be ready with something special.

These are some of our ideas for hostess gifts that work well for all types of parties.

Christmas Cheer

Christmas Peace

A Christmas Token

Christmas Snowmen

Have a happy day and let us know what is your perfect hostess gift?

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