Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Special Teachers Have Special Gifts

With this being Teacher Appreciation Week, I am remembering a special third grade teacher named Mrs. Triggs.  I believe it was Mrs. Margaret Triggs although my memory fails a bit, so I'm not sure if that was her first name. I went to school at St. Michael's in Old Town, in Chicago.  The school is no longer there but the church remains one of Chicago's finest.

My most vivid picture of Mrs. Triggs is her standing at the head of the classroom.  She was tall as I remember, and I don't recall her sitting much.  She was always up and walking among us, bending her tall frame down to meet our little third grade desks.  I remember her short gray, wavy hair, somewhat wrinkled skin, and always kind, gentle eyes and smile.  And most fondly I remember her wearing a gray jumper dress made from colored patches of fabric that I and my class drew and colored for her to sew together! 

Yes, Mrs. Triggs made herself a dress of fabrics that she had her students draw and color.  She wore that dress to school, and we were all so proud and thrilled that she so loved our handiwork!

That is my most vivid memory of Mrs. Triggs, but I also remember her being a most kind and dedicated teacher who loved and honored all of her students year after year.  There was a newspaper article in the Chicago Tribune, I believe, about the dress, which my mom had kept for years.  I've searched in all of my old boxes but cannot find it.  If anyone out there can help track an old article from the 70's, please let me know!

Have a happy day and thank a teacher today!

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