Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Fun Ideas to Last All Season

I was putting together ideas for summer fun themed gifts, and I came across this intriguing book titled, "Summer, A User's Guide" by Susanne Brown.  I thought, a user's guide to summer - what an interesting concept.  So I opened the pages and checked it out, and it really is the perfect gift! 

Over 200 pages of food, crafts, games, interesting facts and tidbits about all things summer!  And with amazing photos on every page.  It could be a coffee table book, a kitchen table book, an outdoor patio book, or a take-along book for road trips. 

Starting off with "50 fun things to do this summer", you'll find ideas such as:
  • making a summer shadow box
  • taking surfing lessons
  • hanging a hammock
and instructions for:
  • learning to play croquet
  • starting an herb garden
  • making seashell wind chimes
These are just a few, but the most wonderful thing about this book, along with the beautiful photos, is the fact that there is something in here for everyone!  That is what makes it such a wonderful gift, so we chose it to go along with our Summer Fun Gift Basket.

Have a happy day!

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