Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Custom Gift Baskets and Products We Love

It's been several months since I've done a feature on individual products we love. 

All of our gift baskets are custom made with products that we carefully select for each theme, occasion, or customer.  And we are very selective about quality, uniqueness, and how well each product applies to the overall theme of the gift.  You won't find our products at your local dollar store, big box store, or another gift basket company.  Each of our gift baskets is handmade and features products we would be proud to give our own family and friends!

Now I should add a little caveat that I love all of our products, or I wouldn't choose them for our gift baskets, but admittedly I do have some favorites.  So here you go:

Five Products We Love!

1) Do Not Disturb fortune cookie fizzie - Our Do Not Disturb gift basket contains a collection of bath and body products by Do Not Disturb.  Since these products are all lavender, we put them together in an elegant purple, white and silver design, with an all-occasion or a holiday flair.  Along with the all natural ingredients of Do Not Disturb products, I especially love the uniqueness of the fortune cookie fizzie.  This little bath time beauty fizzes away in your bath water, while leaving behind silkiness for your skin, and when all that silkiness has disbursed into the water, a little fortune comes floating to the top! Delightful!

2) Kindred Hearts framed quotes - Solid wood frames with elegant, fun, or modern designs surround expressions of faith, love and friendship.  We use several designs and quotes in our new home, wedding, men's and women's gift baskets, and these artful gifts stand just as well on their own.


3) Cast iron pot candle melter with cookie candles - This is one of our new Christmas gifts this year.  I love that these melters are perfect replicas of melting pots and are made of actual cast iron.  And along with the amazing fragrance, I love the packaging of the little cookie melts that go with the melters. So fun!


4) Owl tea light holder - I love that owls are so trendy right now, because I think owls are so cool! These particular ones are designed in warm autumn colors, and although they'd be great gifts year round, they've been especially popular in our fall gift baskets.

5) Retro TV musical Christmas village - This one was selected by Ken and I love it too! I love music boxes in general, but I especially love the miniature retro TV concept and the Christmas village scene it contains.  Continue watching my blog, and in a few weeks you'll see our life size Christmas Village, and then you'll really get why we love the idea of miniature villages.  We hope you love them too!

Have a happy day! 

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