Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Healthy Heart Month - Commit to Exercise!

How many years have you made it your New Year's Resolution to start and maintain a solid exercise plan? Was it on your list this year?  It certainly was on mine, and as of today, February 11th, I am still not solid! If I had a dime for every time I tell myself, "I should work out today," I'd have enough to hire a personal trainer - permanently!

So the story goes, for many of us.  Yet, as I have been promoting my campaign for the American Heart Association this month, I am reminded of the necessity of exercise for long term good health! It's not about being thin or having a model body; it's about living a long healthy life. And that statement right there should make it easier to stick to a plan. Why, you ask?

When we strive to have a model body, we are usually comparing ourselves to some false ideal seen in a magazine. A regular gal like me doesn't have time or money to work with a personal trainer for hours a day, which is what it would take to have a model body! I am a wife, a business owner, and a caregiver.  When do I have time to exercise?  If I strive to be healthy, it doesn't mean hours a day in the gym, but rather a simpler commitment to 30 minutes a day 5 days a week. As a wife, business owner, and caregiver, I truly can commit to 30 minutes a day.

So that covers timing and my "too busy" excuse.  The next hurdle is what do I do in that 30 minutes? Go for a walk? Lift weights? Take an aerobics class?  The best answer is all of the above - on alternate days. I choose my favorite activities, and schedule them on a chart for 5 days each week.  I put it in a prominent place where I'm always reminded to put in my 30 minutes. Like this:

If you're already committed to your exercise schedule, my hat's off to you! If you're struggling, like me, to stick to a plan, join me in creating your own schedule of the activities you enjoy, and get started!

And actually, my next week looks something like this:

And after all that snow, I'll be back to my full month schedule!

Have a happy day!

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