Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Friendship Day to Forever Friends

This Sunday is Friendship Day.

We are a group of 6. We came together in high school and have been best friends for 35 years. We shared typical adolescent adventures throughout high school (and some not so typical). We went to mostly different universities, and pursued different careers. We got married, divorced, had children. We married again, lost parents, and moved to different cities, states, and even countries. We suffered depression, cancer, lupus, miscarriages, and infertility. And to this day, we come together. Whenever life allows.

The most recent battle of one, which means it's a battle for all, was a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. The affected one, with a dear husband and 2 amazing young boys, fought the disease unremittingly (and still is). Although life didn't afford us the time to be together often before the disease, the disease changed all priorities, and we were there. Bringing food, visiting, tending to chemo sessions. Taking her boys apple picking, driving her to events when the poison in her body impacted her ability to drive. 

And always coming together on the one day of celebration that remains constant - Christmas. 

This is what true friendship is, and on this Friendship Day, I honor these women, the newer friendships I've made along the way, and all of the amazing friends who are there for each other through life's journey.


  1. As one of the 6 and the furthest away, your wonderful words have left me in tears. Always so eloquent, Mary. Thank you for this reminder of how special my friends are and how lucky I am. I love you all. xx

  2. Bawling! Love you all. We are a tough, determined group.


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