Friday, April 11, 2014

In Celebration of Giving...A New Direction

I've been a little quiet on the blog lately as I've been trying to figure out a smooth transition. My gift basket company, Thoughtful Presence, uses an awesome eCommerce platform, called BigCommerce. Not long ago, they added a new built-in blog feature, which we in BigCommerce's world were all super excited about. So as I watched it unfold, and played around with it a bit, I also had to figure out what I would do with this blog, if I transition to the new platform, which would put the blog right on our Thoughtful Presence shopping website. Now without getting into a lot of technical nitty gritty stuff about websites and platforms and shopping carts, I'm here to say we're making the switch.

We've officially moved the Thoughtful Presence gift basket company blog to our shopping website platform. And this blog, as you may have noticed in the header, is now a blog about "A Lifestyle of Giving".

What's the difference? I knew you'd ask :)

Thoughtful Presence company blog will focus on our gift basket designs, products, and all things related to holidays and special occasions. Thoughtful Presence lifestyle blog will focus on celebrating a lifestyle of giving everyday, whether it's party ideas, recipes, or stories about giving. And while I'm crystal clear on the direction of the company blog, I must admit I expect this blog to unfold a little over time. And that includes a bit of a facelift!

So stay tuned and watch us grow. And if you like what we've done here, go check out the
new company blog and subscribe there too. We'd love to have you!

Thoughtful Presence

Have a happy day!

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