Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We've Put Together Your Favorite Easter Brunch Recipes

For your Easter celebration, if you're going brunch this year, we've put together a full menu of elegant and delicious recipes. Just add your favorite drinks and an extra sweet or two, and you're all set. 

BHG is my first go-to for party planning (and gardening...and decor...and...).  I always manage to find favorite recipes on BHG. This Bacon Asparagus Strata is perfect for a Spring or Easter brunch. 

Courtesy of bhg.com

 I give you fair warning, these adorable little bunny breads take work, so prepare yourself and make them a day ahead. They are cinnamon flavor and slightly sweet so a perfect side bread. 

Courtesy of recipe.com

 Add some light and delicious flavor to your menu with a spinach strawberry salad with blue cheese, avocado, and pecans.  A wonderful mix of flavors for spring or summer!

Courtesy of closetcooking.com
A sweet side dish are these wonderful strawberry cream crepes. You can use fresh strawberries or fill the crepes with preserves and serve a little whip cream on the side.
Courtesy of allrecipes.com

Another delicious and healthy side dish are these yogurt granola parfaits from BHG. Mix it up with whatever fruit you prefer. Use banana with almonds, peaches and mango or orange and kiwi.  Your choice!

Courtesy of bhg.com

 Add to all of these lovely side dishes a baked ham, either pre-made from Honeybaked or bake your own if you choose, and a batch of classic deviled eggs.

Courtesy of foodnetwork.com

Photo courtesy of Honeybaked Ham
What's planned for your Easter celebration?

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