Monday, January 26, 2015

10 Favorite Super Bowl Party Ideas

In order of preference, these are my favorite things about the Super Bowl:

1.       Hanging out with friends
2.       Fun food
3.       Preceding Puppy Bowl
4.       Crazy commercials
5.       Halftime show
6.       The Game

Sorry, guys, unless it’s the Packers or the Bears, the game itself is just a distraction. But that’s just me!

Anywho, whether you’re hosting a party for the Big Game this year or going to a friend’s, here’s a roundup of some of my best finds for Super Bowl party fun.

1. Football Drink Tags

Copy these or design your own to hang on bottles or wine glasses!

 Football drink tags
Photo taken from Book-a-Cook

2. Beer Stein Vase

You can go all the way and make beer colored ice cubes as they do here, or just fill the glass with water and colored stones for effect. 

 Beer stein vase
Photo taken from Eco Snobbery Sucks

Pick up some mason jars and kraft paper at your local craft stores and serve up your snacks in these trendy containers.

Photo taken from Mason Jar Crafts Blog

4. Snackadium

For the truly ambitious, you can follow Meagan's instructions from Sunshine and Sippy Cups and make this Grand Snackadium...looks amazing!

Photo taken from Sunshine and Sippy Cups

5. Field of Guac

 For the slightly less ambitious (like me!) serve your guacamole in a field design such as this one. Significantly simpler, but will still amuse your guests.

6 and 7. Field Table Runner

Whether store bought or handmade, like these two, a table runner to suit the occasion is always a nice touch. This would look really cool with a couple beer stein vases filled with flowers, don't you think? 

8. Football Cookies

I so love decorated cookies. Unfortunately, I never seem to have time to make the really artistic ones that I love to show off here. But these are fabulous! The field cookies with sprinkles for the crowd are super clever!

Photo taken from Munchkin Munchies

9. Field of Sweets

This is a fun recipe from Hershey's for their gridiron cake. I especially like the striped kisses for the officials.

Photo taken from Hershey's

10. Football Fingernails

And don't forget to get that themed manicure before the Big Game! 

Have a happy day and enjoy the game!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Thoughtful Presence Giveaway: Be Our Valentine Gift Set

I have the sweetest memory (literally and figuratively) of Valentine's Day as a child. My dad would come home every year on Valentine's Day with a large heart shaped box of Fannie May chocolates for my mom and 2 small heart shaped boxes for me and my brother. Of all the Valentines we'd receive at school, party treats, and such, that box of chocolates always meant so much. Of course, I loved the candy, but the heart shaped box from my dad really felt special. I knew he loved me by that little red box.

To help you create those special memories we're giving 15% off all Valentine gifts and a chance to win your own Valentine Gift Set. These are a few of our favorites:

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What special memory will you create this Valentine's Day? Tell us in the comments and enter our latest giveaway:

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Preserving the Season with Warm Winter Decor

If you’re like me, taking down Christmas decorations is a sad event. We love the season and decorate every corner of our house. After the decorations come down, it feels a little empty and plain. Realizing that, a couple of years ago, I started to recognize that some decorations are not specifically Christmas, but celebrate winter and can remain through the entire winter season. This made my husband really happy since he cries during the take down even more than me!

So as you’re preparing to take down your decorations stop and look around at what can be preserved or slightly modified to suit a winter theme for the next couple of months.  And if you’re looking to add some new ideas, we found these great ones on Pinterest. Preserving the season will warm your heart and help you celebrate the beauty of winter even after the joy of Christmas!

From Making Lemonade, this is a great ideas to preserve the use of pine cones, Christmas lights and a couple of your favorite ornaments.

Photo taken from Making Lemonade
From Fynes Designs, I love this burlap wreath which has such a lovely winter feel. Replace your Christmas wreath with this one for the remainder of the winter season.

Photo taken from Fynes Designs
Make a vase of winter greens and décor and add to your favorite room in the house. This one comes from This Silly Girls Life.

Photo taken from This Silly Girls Life
Use winter animals, candles and rustic décor to create warm, earthy winter feel to any room.  I love this one I found on Pinterest, and below that are photos of our very own stairway landing winter forest scene.

Have a happy day!