Thursday, September 13, 2012

Spread Positive Thoughts Through Unique Gift Basket Designs

Today is Positive Thinking Day.
That got me thinking about how I can spread some positive thoughts! And that got me thinking about all of the gift products I have observed, reviewed, tested and purchased that have their own subtle ways of spreading positive thoughts everyday! Here are a few of my favorites, most of which we use in our various gift baskets.
Good Fortune Lavender Sandalwood soap
Good Fortune Soaps - These all natural body products are all about social consciousness and nothing is more positive than that.  We love their natural fragrances and how they feel on your skin.  We put together gifts with a variety of Good Fortune products packaged in a fantastic travel toiletry bag - available for both men and women.

Kala style soaps - Kala style has many wonderful soaps, but my favorite are their statement soaps.  We currently use the Joy soap in our Especially for Her gift basket filled with wonderful personal items for women (including some favorite jewelry)!

Kalastyle Joy soap

8 Petals handcrafted fused glass jewelry
8 Petals handcrafted fused glass bracelet
Statement Jewelry - Statement jewelry is abundant and great for spreading positive thoughts.  You can give as a gift or simply wear yourself as a constant sharing of all things positive, whether it be thoughts of peace, joy or love.  I'm sure you've all seen the wonderful charms made of various metals stamped with positive words.  My personal favorites not only display happy words, but are brightly colored designs that also inspire positive feelings.

Jennifer Jangles hand crafted jewelry
Jennifer Jangles handcrafted ceramic beaded jewelry

Keepsakes - Of course, with decorative keepsakes you can add positive messages throughout your home or workspace for that daily lift.  You'll find many of these at your local gift shop.  I sometimes pick up a little something for myself or a friend for no reason at all other than to bring a smile and a positive thought their way - that is everyday, not just on Positive Thinking Day!

Have a happy and positive day today!

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  1. I like the idea of gift basket companies that put together the kind of gift basket you like then send it to the one you want to give it to. I really like that. Thanks for sharing!


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