Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What makes Thoughtful Presence gift baskets different?

Have you ever looked online for a gift basket and found the exact same gift basket offered at more than one company for various prices?  Last week, I did a search for new home gift basket on Google shopping to see how we were doing in the overall search results.  I noticed the exact same gift basket was offered by three different companies at widely different prices.  Not only was it the same gift basket but they used the exact same photo.  How unoriginal!

When I decided to start a gift basket company, I quickly learned about the option of drop shipping as a business model.  This is an option that would allow me to receive orders through my website and have the order fulfilled and shipped from a third party warehouse that would house the same gift baskets for any number of other gift basket companies.  I would not need to keep any inventory on hand.  I thought about this option for about half a second, and quickly decided against it.  Now I know this option works for many business owners,  but it just didn't fit with my overall philosophy for my business.  I wanted to create something unique and one-of-a-kind. 
At Thoughtful Presence, we design all of our own gift baskets in our studio.  After scouring gift trade shows a few times a year, we hand select each gift item that goes into each basket or container.  Then we package and decorate it for each unique occasion. That's why it's easy for us to customize any of our gift baskets to meet any theme or budget.
Another thing that makes Thoughtful Presence different is we don't use a lot of food in our gift baskets.  Rather than filling your gift with lots of food products that aren't particularly original, we fill it with the types of gifts you might choose yourself – picture frames, candles, books, music, kitchen utensils, accessories, keepsakes, and much more.  The result is sometimes a higher price than other gift baskets, but we think well worth it.  I love chocolate as much as you do (probably more actually!), but I use it (and a few other quality food items) selectively and only if it truly matches the theme of the gift basket.

Having said all that, what's your take?  Is our concept worth all that?  

Post your feedback and have a happy day!

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