Thursday, February 20, 2014

Add Heart Healthy Meals to Your Day

It doesn't have to be hard, tasteless or boring to add heart healthy meals to your day. It really just takes a little knowledge of what foods are best and a handful of recipes and simple tips.  These are a few of my favorites:

Oatmeal is a great way to start your day! Add some fresh berries and slivered almonds to your oatmeal for a delicious, heart-healthy breakfast.  I love this video from Randa4Health on making a delicious oatmeal trifle with lots of great health tips along the way.

Photo credit to Randa4Health

Beans are a super heart healthy food. Fresh green beans and chickpeas are one of my favorites! There are many great recipes for a hearty bean salad that makes a great lunch any day of the week. A favorite of mine is a bit more gourmet, but if you have the time and inclination, try this delicious Chickpea Salad with Tomatoes, Olives, Basil and Parsley from Go light on the olives to reduce sodium.

Photo credit to Kalynskitchen

Broccoli makes a great stir-fry, either as your main dish or dinner side dish. I love this recipe from  It's simple and very tasty.  I also love to add toasted almonds or pine nuts to broccoli stir-fry.
Photo credit to SimplyRecipes

Fish is also a super food when it comes to heart health.  A personal favorite recipe which combines several super foods is this delicious Bistro-style Salmon with Brothy Beans and Spinach. I found it in the Chicago Tribune food guide a couple years ago and have made it twice since.  The second time was just last week.  It's hearty, healthy and comforting - a great winter dish!

For many more healthy and delicious recipes, and to learn more about heart super foods, go to

Have a happy day! 

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