Thursday, June 5, 2014

Spring Tablescape Series: Backyard Wedding Brunch

In our family we've had 3 weddings in 2 years, that's 3 sisters married within 2 years! No, not my daughters, but my nieces, and the third is actually next weekend. So needless to say, I have weddings first and foremost on my mind! What do I wear to the rehearsal? Which dress for the wedding, one of my previous or buy new? Which cookies should I bake for the sweet table? What exactly is garden party attire? I think I know that one, but my husband is still a bit unsure! Ah well, I still have a week to figure all of that out. Now on to the subject at hand...

When the first of my 3 nieces got married, her parents hosted a backyard brunch the morning after the wedding. It was a nice, casual way to enjoy the day after the festivities with family and friends. With that in mind, I gathered up a bunch of ideas for hosting a backyard wedding brunch. If you have such an occasion on the horizon, pick and choose from these ideas, and make them your own. If nothing to host on the horizon, simply enjoy or modify these ideas to suit another occasion!

Note some of these ideas are suitable for either a day-after brunch or an actual backyard wedding.

From The Treat Table, I love this look. This is actually a fall backyard wedding brunch but easily adaptable with summer colors. Of course, perhaps you are planning a fall wedding, in which case this is perfect!  I really love the cake :)

Photo taken from The Treat Table

Bloody Mary's are big in my family on the holidays, so when I saw this from SouthBound Bride, I had to include it. If you and your guests are into bloody Mary's, set up a bar with lots of garnish selections (or hot sauce if so inclined)!

Photo taken from SouthBound bride

HWTM has a post on whimsical wedding ideas, and I love a lot of what they've done here, so take a look at the whole post. There's lots of pictures. One of my favorite ideas is individual jars or clear vases with single stemmed flowers placed all around the table. Choose the flowers based on their wedding flowers or colors.


I also especially love this ideas with the coffee mugs spelling out "LOVE". (All photos taken from HWTM)

Kara's Party Ideas always has something worth checking out.  This one is a vintage style wedding, but I love the "Love is Sweet" banner for the sweet table, and added decor around the table such as the vintage bike add to the theme.

And since June is the month of Roses and Pearls, make sure your sweet table includes these fabulously decorated cupcakes. If you're a baker and decorator, you can simulate these or print out the photo and take it to your bakery.

Have a happy day!

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