Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Endless Possibilities with Unique Gift Baskets

In my last email to subscribers, I talked about what makes Thoughtful Presence different from other gift basket companies.  I highlighted two features of our gift baskets:

  1. We fill our gift baskets primarily with decorative and functional gifts rather than food
  2. We don't use drop-shippers which means all of our gift baskets are handmade and designed by us.
This allows us to offer one-of-a-kind, meaningful gifts for any theme or occasion.  Along with the designs we've put on our website, we also do lots of custom designs.  Custom designs can be done completely from scratch or as a modified version of one of our existing designs.

As an example, I received a request for a horse themed birthday gift basket for an avid horse rider.  Since I did not have a horse themed gift basket yet, we spent some time locating top suppliers of horse themed gift products, found the right container befitting of a horse/ranch theme, and designed the final gift with all theme based decor and ribbon.

Another example, this one as a modification to better fit the interests of the recipient:  This was a baby gift basket.  Our customer chose the baby bath spa gift but asked if we could incorporate a tennis theme since the new dad is a tennis pro.  We swapped out a couple of items and replaced them with a tennis embroidered baby creeper and a stuffed bear in a tennis sweater.  The ending combination was bath care products, a baby hooded towel and the tennis gifts.  In this case it was the perfect combination for this tennis dad, and mom, who happens to be a massage therapist working at a spa.

Other custom designs can be based on budget, where we can make smaller or larger versions of any of our existing designs.

So the possibilities are endless, and one thing is for sure - we aim to please with one-of-a-kind specialty gift baskets.

Have a happy day!

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