Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pet Gift Baskets Are Here!

Last year I hosted a focus group to get feedback on a variety of gift basket designs.  I didn't have a pet gift basket included in the designs I presented, although it was on my list for a future design.  Of course, there were pet lovers in the group and they inquired as to if I would plan to have pet gifts.  Naturally!

From the feedback I received in the focus group, I went on a quest at gift trade shows to find just the right gifts for my new designs, including pet gifts.  They would need to equal the quality of all of the gifts I choose for my designs.  And as with all our gift products, I would only choose gifts that my own puppies would love! 

It's taken a bit of time, but I've finally put together my pet gift baskets with products I am proud to offer.  Our Puppy Love dog gift basket and Kitty Love cat gift basket feature top quality Ore gift products that every dog or cat owner needs!  And here they are along with some photos of my favorite friends who have given their own stamp of approval!  You can find more detail on each pet gift basket at our website.

Phoebe and Linus especially love the
Ore Pet sturdy mouse toy!
Cody and Bosco prefer tugging with the
 old canvas shoe!

Have a happy day!

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