Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thoughtful Presence Gift Baskets in Chicago - Where We Live

Gift basket companies come in many shapes and sizes, but one common aspect is most do not have a storefront.  When was the last time you walked through your local downtown and saw a gift basket store?  Nada, right?  Yes, some florists and wine shops display gift baskets, and an occasional baby gift basket can be found at a local gift or baby shop, but not a single storefront dedicated to gift baskets. 

So how do you know where those gift baskets you find online are being designed and created?  Many are assembled and stored in a large warehouse where they are drop-shipped to any number of smaller companies selling the same products.  Some are designed and created in homes and studios and sold either through direct marketing or online. 

At Thoughtful Presence, we fall under the latter category, with the added benefit that all of our gift baskets are custom made to order and not stored on shelves for months or years waiting to be sold.  You order it, we make and ship it within a day or two.  The importance of having all of our gift baskets prepared fresh when you order is one of our core concepts.

Even though we don't have a storefront to welcome you, we want you to feel the comfort of knowing where your gift basket is coming from.  So in the photos below, we give you our studio and hope you enjoy a look around.

Have a happy day!

These are the before photos. The original space was dark and dreary,
and we remodeled it just about a year ago!

These are the after photos.  That's Ken in the first photo, and although this wasn't actually a DIY remodel job, he likes to pretend!  That's me with Cody on the right. 

And a much brighter studio for creative designing!
These are typical photos of works in progress:

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