Wednesday, September 3, 2014

5 Homemade Gifts for Grandparents

Sunday, September 7th is National Grandparents' Day. Grandparents create the most special memories, unlike any other parent or family member. They love unconditionally, teach with patience and wisdom, laugh at all of your jokes, and make you feel like no one on earth is more special than you. To honor them this Grandparents' Day, here a some creative ideas for homemade gifts from you and your kids. You know grandparents like homemade gifts the best, hands down!

Basket of Love from Stephanie at Somewhat Simple. This is a gift that can be created by one or all for grandma, grandpa, or both.

Photo taken from Somewhat Simple.

Handprint Apron from Simply Kierste. Love the handprints on this black and white design. You can keep the apron simple, or embellish it a bit like Kierste did.

Photo taken from Simply Kierste.

Handmade Cards - Making your own greeting cards is timeless. We've all made them and received them. They can be as simple or elaborate as your creative mind takes you. Mostly they just need to be filled with love. These are some super cute ideas from

Photo taken from G is for Gift

Vacation Memories Map - If you've taken a vacation with your grandparents, create this map collage from with a special memory of the trip written by you or your child.

Photo taken from

Grandma or Grandpa picture - A personalized tribute to grandma or grandpa is inexpensive but will hold lifetime value. This is easy to create from 1825.
Photo taken from

Have a happy day!

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