Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Parallel 44 Vineyard & Winery

I've been to Sonoma and ridden a hot air balloon over Napa. It is a beautiful region with such a wide variety of styled wineries, making it an amazing vacation spot.

On a family reunion trip this summer, we discovered Parallel 44 Vineyard & Winery in Kewaunee, Wisconsin. It's in the area near Green Bay where my dad grew up, just up the road from his favorite meat shop. On our stop there, we purchased a freezer full of the best Wisconsin sausage and cheese and headed toward the Winery.

What struck me most about this place was the farm and silos in the background of the vineyard. It had its own unique feel that was very Midwestern and spoke to my heart. (And the wines aren't bad either!)


Have a happy day!

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