Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall and Holiday Gift Baskets, Candles Included

I'm a huge admirer of candle crafters.  It is such a beautiful craft, with its designs, colors, and fragrances.  I love candles for just about any occasion and although I don't put candles in all gift baskets, I certainly could!

My husband, manly man that he is, has one weakness - candles!  When I met him, I was amazed at his affinity for candles.  Although admittedly, I turned him into a candle snob, as I am super particular about candle quality.  He was more into the concept of candles when I met him, but not being the shopper type, he didn't realize the vast variety of candles that exist in the market.

Since starting our gift basket business, we are both enthralled by the many candles we view and sample for our gifts.  And, yes, we test them all!  A good candle not only must look and smell beautiful; it also must burn right.  It must burn evenly, down to an empty glass.  It must be long lasting.  It must not put out too much smoke, especially black smoke!

It's a fine balance when choosing candles for a gift basket.  Its fragrance cannot interfere with other items in the basket.  Size is important as it must fit the overall design.  Price is a factor as it is a contributor to the overall cost of the complete basket.  And of course it must fit the theme of the basket, either by design or fragrance or both. 

Although I am not a candle expert, I am a candle snob, and am grateful for the many options in the market and especially for those vendors we've partnered with so far who've made beautiful candles to enhance our gift baskets!

Have a happy day!

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