Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moms, Dads and Babies - They All Love Our Unique Baby Gifts!

Today I received a comment from a mom who was the recipient of our Baby Bath Spa baby girl gift basket last year.  She commented on how much she loved it, and specifically the "very plush" hooded bath towel.  She also said her baby girl loves to play with the basket itself and keeps her toys in it. 

Baby Bath Spa - Baby Girl Gift Basket
Those comments reminded me of a couple of others I have heard along the way.  One baby boy loves the monkey rattle the best; another baby girl has found her favorite with the caterpillar wubanub pacifier. 

Mango Monkey rattle by Mary Meyer
Mango Monkey rattle by Mary Meyer
Caterpillar wubanub by Mary Meyer
Caterpillar wubanub by Mary Meyer

I am so delighted to hear those comments because choosing high quality, high value gifts for all of our gift baskets is so important to me.  And with the baby gift baskets, I love to know that the different selections make both parents and baby happy!

We are actually in the process of creating two more baby gift baskets, that will focus on small baby toys and some very adorable baby food sets.  We have an owl collection coming for girls and a puppy and trucks collection coming for the boys.  These should be completed in the next two weeks, and I'll be sure to highlight them here in my blog.

Have a happy day!

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