Thursday, June 6, 2013

Unique Party Themes and Gift Baskets - In Celebration of the Hot Air Balloon

Yesterday, June 5, marked the first hot air balloon flight in 1783.  That got me thinking about hot air balloons and how I love their vast potential for design - colors, themes - the possibilities are endless.  And that got me thinking what a great idea for a summer party theme!

Whether it's a kids party, bridal shower, or milestone birthday bash, hot air balloons are a great theme for all ages.  For kids, they can be bright and colorful featuring just about any child's theme you choose.  For the bride, they can be elegantly designed in her wedding color choices.  For the milestone birthday, opulence, elegance, or the numbers theme will work! 

So consider these ideas and reply with a few of your own!

For the kids party, consider these well-loved themes:
  • Up theme in primary colors
  • Disney theme
  • Circus or jungle theme
For the bridal shower:
  • Vintage styled hot air balloons
  • Modern day chic
  • Nautical or Beach theme
Milestone birthday:
  • Opulent black and white theme
  • Traditional over-the-hill theme
  • "Coming of age" 21 or 30 theme

Depending on your level of craftiness, you can make many of your own decorations, invitations, favors, or there are lots of great products on the web if you're looking to buy.  Consider making a gift basket with a bouquet of balloons attached for an Up movie look.

Here are some great resources I found for ideas and where to purchase:

Bridal shower theme in silver and gold - easily adaptable to your colors and flower picks: 

Kids Up theme in primary colors - this adorable banner can be found on Etsy:

These ideas from Disney are also easily adaptable to your theme of choice: 

2lovebirdsblog has great ideas and LOTs of printables.  Not specifically for hot air balloon theme, but can be adapted to your hot air balloon theme of choice.  I love the opulent engagement party ideas here. 

Lastly, Scramble Squares brain teaser puzzles can be a great favor for any theme and any age group.  We love them in our gift baskets with their many themes, and their hot air balloon theme is especially challenging!

Reply with your ideas and have a happy day!

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