Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to School Gifts for Kids: 7 Gifts for 7 Days

After coming across a wonderful blog post at The Thinking Closet, 30 Gifts for 30 Years, I've been filled with inspiration on how to use this gift concept for my own personal occasions.

With back-to-school right around the corner, I'm thinking 7 Gifts for 7 Days for all those little ones who will be starting kindergarten or first grade.  You can either do this the week before school starts or during the first week of school.  Surprise them with a big, bright, colorful gift, wrapped and tied with a big matching bow.  Make it feel as festive and exciting as their birthday! 

Inside this big, bright, colorful gift, package 7 small gifts, one for each day of the week.  Each one should be individually wrapped with a little note of daily inspiration attached to it. Make each small gift something useful for school or fun for play.  Personalized gifts are especially nice for school and for giving them a feeling of importance.  The anticipation of each gift each day will ease their anxiety and make them super excited for the start of school! 

Here are some fun examples of what your 7 little gifts might be:

1. Personalized pencil case

These two cases were found at Lillian Vernon, and there are many designs from which to choose.

2. Happy stickers

Check out for a great variety of stickers. And you'll find useful coupons at their coupon site.

3. Personalized notepad

You can find an awesome collection of stationery and other kid products at the Stationery Studio.

4. Personalized water bottle

These were also found at Lillian Vernon.

5. Set of pencils with fun toppers  


6. Favorite character watch

All kinds of favorite character and classic kids watches can be found at Toys r Us


7. A favorite snack

You must have a sweet treat, and I found these super cute smiley cookies at I especially like the stars, the apples and the pirates, but they have many different designs.  They also offer customization, so star shaped smileys in your child's school colors could be really fun!


There are great sources online for unique and really fun gifts to include.  You might even find everything you need at Lillian Vernon, except the cookies of course.  Or you can pick up similar items at local stores.  If you love the idea, but don't have time to shop around and put it together, we would love to do it for you!  We do custom gift baskets and collections all the time, and this one would be especially fun to create! Just let us know.

Have a happy day!

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